Wesley Glen Plants Trees for Earth Day 2010 | Wesley Glen

Wesley Glen Plants Trees for Earth Day 2010

The newly developed “Recycling Committee” at Wesley Glen has a mission to be good stewards of the resources which God has given us. The current promotion was to raise money while recycling cans so that trees can be planted on the Wesley Glen Campus to replace trees that were blown down in the wind storm last year and help with the beautification of the community. 
Wesley Glen residents were asked to sponsor the employees in collecting as many aluminum cans/plastic bottles as possible. For every can that is brought in, the residents can donate a penny, a nickel or a dime to the cause, while some of the residents decided to give a flat pledge. 
The goal of the can drive was to get as many Bradford Pear Trees planted on the Chacey Lane hillside as possible. Wesley Glen is committed to going green to care for the earth and beautify the local area. The Recycling Committee has developed a logo with the tagline- “Adding Green to our Great.” Residents, staff, and guests celebrated Earth Day and the success of this green campaign by attending a Tree Planting Ceremony on April 22, 2010.