Fraternities and Sororities Plan Senior Prom at Wesley Glen

The Ohio State University Fraternities and Sororities Plan Senior Prom at Wesley Glen

On Saturday, May 29th from 7-8:30 pm a group of students from The Ohio State University will be hosting a Senior Prom Dance at Wesley Glen Retirement Community. This event will bring the Independent and Assisted Living residents from Wesley Glen and the Greek men and women from all different sororities and fraternities together.
There are not many events where the ENTIRE Greek community has a chance to collaborate, so this is an extremely unique event. “The current sorority and fraternity members will not only have a chance to meet each other, but will meet former Greeks who are now residing at Wesley Glen and hear about their college Greek experience. Our volunteers are very excited to meet some fellow Greeks and to discuss what they also have in common!” Amanda Chin, Vice President of Programming for the Panhellenic Association, shared. Zac Beals, Vice President of Community Service for the Interfraternity Council is also working with Amanda on this event. Amanda continues, “We are anticipating around 40 volunteers for this event, the university women will come dressed in their dresses and the fraternity men will come dressed in suits!” Before the Prom begins, the women will help the female residents dress for the event– doing hair, putting on makeup, painting nails, picking out their outfit, etc. The students will also decorate the auditorium and emcee the event. The theme is “Young at Heart” by Frank Sinatra, and the enthusiasm of the young volunteers will translate into a fun and memorable event for the students and residents of Wesley Glen.