Making Friends as You Age - Wesley Glen Retirement Community

Making Friends as You Age

Making friends gets harder as you get older.  The desire to meet new people, though, never really goes away.  As you move to new places, you’ll doubtlessly be surrounded by others.  Meeting them, especially in this day and age, can be more difficult than you might imagine.  If you follow these tips, getting to know your neighbors might be a bit easier.

You should start to get to know your neighbors in a casual manner.  If you’ve just moved in, go next door and introduce yourself.  You don’t have to give your life story, and you certainly don’t have to invite your neighbors over – but, you should let them know that you are there.  You aren’t looking to engage in a lifelong friendship right away, but rather to open up the lines of communication.
Next, make yourself available.  Say hello when you see them and engage in a bit of small talk.  If you see your neighbors do something that piques your interest, ask them about it.  Don’t be afraid to be the person who makes the first move.
Finally, don’t be discouraged.  Not every neighbor is going to be a life-long friend, but it’s important that know each other.  Even if you never get past introductions, you’ve made a connection that might come in handy in the future.
Getting to know your neighbors is a great way to make friends and a good way to feel like you are part of the community.  Always try to initiate contact and make sure you keep the lines of communication open.  If you can get to know the people around you, you’ll feel more comfortable in your own home.