Our Unique "Knowledge Nook" - The Library at Wesley Glen

Our Unique “Knowledge Nook” – The Library at Wesley Glen

At Wesley Glen, there are a variety of amenities unique to our community that were a driving factor in our residents choosing us as a place to live life well. From our secluded location and ravine that are still within walking distance to shops and dining, to our over 50 years of experience serving seniors in Central Ohio and beyond.

One such amenity, that may not always be thought of, but that is always valued, is the library at Wesley Glen. Our rather large “knowledge nook” is centered around meeting the educational, intellectual, and social needs of all our residents. With an impressive variety of books, residents can enjoy genres and topics that interest them most or grow their knowledge in areas that may be unfamiliar but intriguing.

Our librarian, Jessica, is also a valuable piece in the puzzle that makes Wesley Glen’s library such a special place. With many years of experience working in libraries, Jessica’s passion started all the way back in grade school where she helped her school’s librarian by stocking the shelves. She then transitioned through several academic and corporate libraries including the main library at Ohio State University, the Veterinarian Medical Library at Ohio State University, the library at Chemical Abstracts, which is part of the American Chemical Society, and NBBJ, an architectural firm that interestingly enough, would bring her to their annual conference to share her library expertise. Jessica also spent a portion of her career at the Columbus Metropolitan Library, which visits Wesley Glen on a monthly basis to offer our residents additional choices we may not have in stock that pique their interests.

Now, Jessica just celebrated 10 years of service at Wesley Glen last September and has enjoyed every minute of it. “The library is such a nice part of Wesley Glen and everyone here, residents and staff are all so nice,” she said. Jessica works hard to keep our library organized and easily accessible, to increase our ever-growing collection of books, and to be a helping hand for those in our community. She loves to educate our residents and to be a guiding resource both during their time in the library and outside of it. We have many residents who are quite tech-savvy and who prefer to search for and read books electronically. Jessica helps residents search for books in advance through our electronic book system which can be accessed in our library and also from the comfort of our residents’ homes. The system makes it easy for residents to quickly search for a specific book to see if we have it in stock. She also assists our many residents who enjoy reading on their tablets and kindles with downloading books and navigation. Jessica also focuses her efforts on our visually impaired residents through helping them with our vision machine that enlarges text and by always making sure to order audio options of our monthly book club books so that anyone and everyone can participate if they’d like. And, our residents are always in-the-know on the daily news through our subscriptions of The Columbus Dispatch, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times, all of which Jessica manages. It seems that she is always one step ahead with helping our residents to ensure they have a positive and effortless reading experience.

When asked what her favorite thing is about her role as Wesley Glen’s librarian, Jessica said, “I like to work with our residents and help them find what they are searching for. Whether they need help with the photo copier, the computer, or finding a specific book, I enjoy providing my services to help them find whatever it is that they need. I may have to go somewhere to get the information for them, but that is fine. I am always here to help.” With more than 2,000 titles to choose from, we are lucky to have such an exceptional library at Wesley Glen, and an exceptional librarian to go along with it.