Ten Questions to Ask an Assisted Living Community - Wesley Glen Retirement Community

Ten Questions to Ask an Assisted Living Community

When visiting an assisted living community be sure to ask these 10 questions:
Is memory care available?
If your memory declines, can the community continue to care for you? Many places have memory care in place, for people who move in needing that care, but also for those who live in the community and develop certain memory conditions during their stay. Memory care should be a safe and secure area in the community.
Are the rooms private?
If privacy is a concern for you be sure to ask if the rooms are private. Some assisted living facilities require residents to share a room, while others have private rooms available.
Do they provide individualized care plans for each resident?
Check to see if there is a written care plan, individualized for each resident. Every person is different and will need different plans for care. This care plan can include things like medications, diet, and exercise.
How often are meals served?
Are meals available 7 days a week? If so, how many meals do you get a day?
What kind of services and activities are provided?
Do they have laundry, transportation or worship services? What about a podiatrist or neurologist?  Is there an assisted living activity coordinator?
Can you bring furniture, bedding, and other items from your home?
Bringing items from home may make you feel more comfortable. What limitations do you have on what you can bring? Many places give you the opportunity to bring in furniture, bedding, and knickknacks.
Can you have pets?
Are you allowed to bring pets into the community? If so, what pets can you bring? Many communities allow you to bring in cats, dogs, fish and even birds! Make sure you ask this question and find out the cost associated with bringing an animal.
Can you and your visitors come and go at will?
It’s a common practice for assisted living communities to allow residents, families and friends in and out at will. But, check with the community and state regulations to ensure that this is the case.
Is the community safe?
Many communities have security guards and cameras. Other questions to ask would be, are there locks on the windows and doors? Are there well-lit rooms and hallways? Is there a generator, in case of an emergency?
What if I run out of money while living here?
Out living funds can be a concern for older adults. Some communities will give you a 30-day notice to move out if this occurs. Others, have policies in place that may help cover the cost of living and care.
What other questions have you found helpful in your assisted living search?