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Simple Summer Appetizers to Make for Your Guest

Summer’s a great time to have fun – and a great time to eat.  If you’re looking to entertain, you’ll need to find good appetizers.  Below are a few simple appetizers that you can serve all summer long.
Fruit Salad
The classic fruit salad in the essence of simplicity.  Cut up a bit of melon, a bit of honeydew and throw in a few grapes and you will have one of the simplest summer appetizers you can imagine.  A good fruit salad is a healthy, simple app that is still a hit with guests.
When it comes to simple appetizers, dips are hard to beat.  You can stir together eight ounces of softened cream cheese, milk, and a bit of horseradish to make a quick dip that can be served with flatbread or with cucumbers.  This dip will add a bit of heat, but still go down smoothly even when it is hot outside.  Other dips, like pico de gallo or creamy avocado can work as great summer apps.
Cheese Trays
Cheese trays are incredibly simple apps that can work well at an indoor summer party.  Get a few blocks of cheese – usually one that’s mild, one that’s hot, and one that’s got some bite – and slice into small cubes.  Guests can pick and choose among their favorites as they mill about.  This is a great app because it requires no cooking skill; if you have a knife, you can put this one together!
Fruit Skewers
A clever take on classic kebabs, fruit skewers are a hit among party goers who are looking to stay cool in the summer heat.  Take a skewer and then alternate strawberries, grapes, pineapple bits, and even pieces of melon as you like.  These skewers tend to go quick, so make sure to put together a few more than you would think necessary.