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Questions To Ask A Retirement Community

7 Questions To Ask When Exploring Senior Living

Interested seniors or older adults exploring retirement living often encounter a common roadblock: “What questions should I be asking retirement communities?” Every senior has different priorities when it comes to living accommodations, but those priorities tend to fall into more easily defined categories. To help you figure out what to ask, we’re offering some of the common questions our community frequently hears.

How Many Apartments & Residents Do You Have? 

For most people, the size of the community and total units matters. Some seniors would prefer to move to a larger, more robust community with more opportunities to meet new people. Others prefer a smaller, more quaint community. Knowing the number of apartments and total residents will help you sift out the communities that don’t appeal to your lifestyle.

What Is The Average Size Of The Living Space? 

In line with the above point, you’ll want to get a ballpark estimate of the square footage of the retirement living space. This way, you can compare with other communities you’re looking into. When you get closer to making your final decision, knowing what will fit in your new space is a huge help with downsizing

What Is The Cost & What Is Included In That Cost? 

Naturally, price is a huge factor and a question that always comes up. But just as important is determining what you get for that cost. Many seniors will have a number in mind that is not up for negotiation. If there is wiggle room to discuss the cost, though, you’ll often find that a higher price tag carries many more amenities. 

What Services & Amenities Are Offered? 

From senior healthcare services to happy hours and painting, you’ll want to know what enriching opportunities will be available to you. No two senior living communities have the same set of amenities, and getting the complete picture of the offerings will help you narrow down your list. You want to make sure that, upon your move, you’ll be engaged and have options for personal growth. 

What Is Management Like? Is Employee Turnover High? 

This question isn’t asked as frequently as some of the others, but it’s worth asking. Knowing the leadership style and rate of employee turnover could provide you with valuable insight. If employee turnover is high, it may be a sign that leadership is lacking important values that will matter to you later. 

At Wesley Glen, our executive director and multiple employees have been with our community for over 20 years

What If I Have A Sudden Health Decline? 

Asking this question will give you and your loved ones peace of mind in the event that your health changes or declines. Is there a skilled clinical staff that will take care of you, or will you need to seek care elsewhere? This detail, along with the steps the staff will take to ensure your health is their top priority, are worth inquiring about. At Wesley Glen, a continuing care retirement community, we provide multiple levels of care so our residents can transition to the area that best fits their needs. With Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care and Skilled Nursing, residents have the comfort of knowing the type of care they will need at any point in their life is readily available. 

What If My Financial Situation Suddenly Changes? 

You’ll also want to find out how a community would react in the event that you run out of personal finances. Would they cover your living or health expenses if you no longer could, or would they push you to move out? A clear answer to these questions is valuable. At Wesley Glen, our charitable care fund ensures that no resident needs to worry about their financial expenses should they face a financial situation or crisis outside of their control. We will cover their expenses and ensure that their time in our community can continue. 

Make Searching For Retirement Living An Enjoyable Experience

Taking the time to think about what is most important to you when you begin to explore retirement living and creating a list of detailed questions will make your search less overwhelming and more enjoyable. You’ll more easily get the information that matters to you and move closer to finding the community that’s best for you. At Wesley Glen, we’re always here to be a resource for any question you have about our community or retirement living in general. Learn more about us or get in touch by filling out the contact form below, or giving us a call at 614-888-7492.