Making New Year Resolutions - Wesley Glen Retirement Community

Making New Year Resolutions

Most people treat the New Year holiday as a fresh start, setting a variety of personal goals for optimum health, wellness and productivity. Although New Year’s resolutions are made with good intentions, they are often unrealistic goals soon broken by springtime. Many seniors enjoy their daily routines and can benefit from easy and senior-focused resolutions that will allow them to take small steps towards a better self in the New Year. For example, weather permitting, take a walk every day, even if it’s short. According to American Trails (, seniors can decrease diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease by just staying more active. Another health habit for the New Year could include skipping dessert a few days a week or opt for a sugar-free option. Just like a short walk each day, cutting a small amount of sugar can add up to improved health for you.
A lot of seniors use their laptops every day, but the act of a hand written letter isn’t lost just yet. Write a letter to your children and grandchildren. You will find it therapeutic for you and a thrill for your loved ones to receive a letter from you. Rekindle or find a hobby. Whether it is painting or coin collecting, many seniors forget about hobbies they once enjoyed for hours on end. Use the fresh start of the New Year as inspiration to get back to one of your favorite pastimes, which will conjure many good memories. Take it a step further and turn your hobby into community service, which may bring you great purpose. Do you love knitting? Try knitting newborn caps for babies at a local hospital, or gloves for children at a local family shelter.
Volunteer in the New Year. You can experience a sense of purpose and satisfaction by helping others in need. There are many opportunities in our community such as a local food pantry or a guest reader at a school in your neighborhood. Volunteering can be as simple as visiting a new or shy resident in your community who might appreciate a friendly face. These are resolutions that can make a difference in your life and in the lives of others.