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Holiday Recipe: How Would You Revamp an Old Family Recipe?

Every year families gather to celebrate the holidays and there’s always Aunt Mary’s Apple pie and her amazing stuffing. And every year Aunt Peggy brings her famous fruit cake, and we all pretend to love it when in reality we usually take one bite and cover it with a napkin readying it for the next trash drop. For years, the fruitcake has been the butt of many jokes, not just in my family, but families around the world.
I even found websites offering uses for the Christmas Fruitcake – see uses below:

  • Bury them in the backyard for future archaeologists to discover.
  • Use them to hold up a broken table or chair leg.
  • Give them to a child for a science project.
  • Use them to pave the freeways. Just place them on the road and run a steamroller over them.

People actually say there’s only really one fruitcake in the entire world, and people keep sending it to each other. Fruitcakes are made to withstand the test of time. What are some of the jokes you’ve heard about the fruitcake?
This year I decided to go in search of an alternative recipe for the fruitcake using the same ingredients, but using a twist to see if people realize they are eating everything that they would normally eat when eating a fruitcake. After searching Google, I found the perfect remake for the retro fruitcake — Cranberry Orange Cookies with Crystalized Ginger.   The recipe can be found on the website. I cannot wait to see if anyone notices that it’s pretty much Aunt Peggy’s recipe with a twist.
I would like you to forward your recipes that are great, but could use a twist to change things up a little this year. For instance, what could I do differently to my stuffing, scalloped potatoes or my candied yams that would make my family wonder what I did differently? Use the comment tab on the right side of this page to share your favorite redo of a retro dish. Your recipe could make the Methodist ElderCare newsletter.