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Questions To Ask A Retirement Community

7 Questions To Ask When Exploring Senior Living Interested seniors or older adults exploring retirement living often encounter a common roadblock: “What questions should I be asking retirement communities?” Every senior has different priorities when it comes to living accommodations, but those priorities tend to fall into more easily defined categories. To help you figure […]

Considering Retirement Living but Worried About the Cost? How Best to Start Planning Your Finances Now

Planning Your Finances To Support The Transition To Retirement Living Transitioning to retirement living and considering the move into a senior community can easily feel overwhelming – maybe even frightening. But there are structures in place to assist you in making retirement living affordable and financially comfortable. If you’re planning for retirement living, now is […]

The Benefits of Retirement Living – and What It Really Looks Like

Let’s Shed Some Light On What Senior Living Actually Looks Like When people think of retirement communities, it’s easy for them to be unsettled by outdated depictions of the “old folks’ home” stereotype. The truth is, though, that these aren’t attributes of modern senior living and retirement communities at all. In fact, many people choose […]

Another Study Finds Potential Health Benefits to Living in a CCRC

In a recent blog post, I shared the results of an interesting study out of Washington State University that found that where you live can influence your lifespan. It looked at people’s gender, race, and education level, as well as locales’ walkability, socioeconomics, and working-age population and tied it to the number of centenarians in that location. The results of the study were rather surprising.

The Season has Changed, but the Global Pandemic hasn’t : How to Stay Active and Limit Isolation with the Colder Weather

The global pandemic hasn’t been easy for anyone. Especially for older adults, the lack of normalcy and decreased interaction with others has significantly contributed to feelings of isolation, sadness, and overall mental and physical health decline. The one saving grace the past few months was the warmer weather of summer. With small group gatherings (if masks are worn) being approved in many states, time spent outdoors has helped seniors feel more social and happier. Now that the season has changed and the temperatures have dropped, many are worried that being unable to be outside as much could have additional negative effects to an already not-so-great time. To help try and ease concerns, we’ve complied some ideas and resources to stay active and limit isolation in the colder weather.