August 2017 - Wesley Glen Retirement Community

5 Ways to Boost Savings and Retire Early

Few people want to work for their entire life.  There’s too much to do in the world to be stuck behind a desk, but money is a very real concern for most.  Fortunately, the saving tips below can help you to save early, invest wisely and retire earlier than you had hoped. 1.Say No to […]

Tips for Getting to Know Your Neighbors

When you move to a new area or have recently received new neighbors, it’s important to meet everyone. Forming friendships within a community can provide a sense of happiness and safety. When something goes wrong, you’ll know you have someone close to receive support from. Here are some tips that will help with the process […]

Yoga Is a Simple Way for Seniors to Stay Flexible and Feel Great

More than three decades ago, cardiologist Dean Ornish made headlines with his claim that practicing yoga when combined with meditation and improvement in diet could help reverse cardiac disease. Since that time, researchers have found many other benefits that yoga can produce, especially for older adults. Although starting a yoga program can be intimidating at […]

Quick and Light Summer Salads Make Easy Meals

Creating tasty summer meals does not mean spending hours standing over a hot stove. In fact, you can make healthy meals that require little to no cooking and get the nutrients you need to feel great and stay healthy. If you enjoy surfing the web, you can find tons of healthy recipes and tips to […]