June 2016 - Wesley Glen Retirement Community

How to Sleep Better as We Age

There’s no “right” amount of sleep. What you consider a good amount can be entirely different than what your neighbor needs. Still experts recommend adults get 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. As with other bodily functions, the efficiency of the brain in carrying out its sleep-related duties begins to decline over time, […]

Clean it Up and Toss It Out

The stylish formal cocktail dress you wore in 1987. That growing stack of Christmas, birthday and thank you notes that, well, keeps growing. Those Beanie Babies, comic books and dolls your children played with twenty-five years ago. Yes, there are some things that we hate to part with, and, frankly, they really do need to […]

Home Remedies to Try

As the popularity rises for home remedies, it’s becoming more evident that your local drug store isn’t the only place providing comfort and relief for the common illness. Take a look in your cupboard, even your garden, to create a one-of-a-kind remedy. I’ve always been one to create cool beauty remedies for my face, but […]

How To Be A Good Grandparent

There are as many different roles for grandparents today as there are different family configurations and needs. In no particular order, being a grandparent is an opportunity to play, to love someone new, to appreciate the magic of a developing mind, and to be needed by someone again. Usually grandparents have the benefit of interacting […]

Spice Up Your Taste Buds!

Salt and pepper — the two seasoning staples at our kitchen table. I am partial to black pepper myself. Since I am not a big salt person (and I know many of you are), I decided to go on a quest to find other spices that may add a little extra zest to some of […]