November 2015 - Wesley Glen Retirement Community

New Financial Rules for Retirement

Doesn’t it just seem like yesterday that you started your first job? And now you are looking retirement in the face. Time does fly, doesn’t it? In our twenties, retirement seems a lifetime away. We were focused on getting that first paycheck and experiencing life. Saving for retirement is not even on the radar, and […]

Holiday Recipe: How Would You Revamp an Old Family Recipe?

Every year families gather to celebrate the holidays and there’s always Aunt Mary’s Apple pie and her amazing stuffing. And every year Aunt Peggy brings her famous fruit cake, and we all pretend to love it when in reality we usually take one bite and cover it with a napkin readying it for the next […]

What Is #GivingTuesday?

What Is #GivingTuesday? By now, most of us have probably heard about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These “holidays” following Thanksgiving can be great ways to find some items on sale before Christmas, and you can end up saving a lot of money by heading to a local business on Small Business Saturday or by […]

Discount Programs for people over 50

At age 47 my husband and I started receiving membership information for American Association of Retired Person (AARP). Since I didn’t consider myself a senior, I always pitched the envelope when one came in the mail. When I finally turned 50, and because I do not turn down a bargain, I decided to open one […]

Take Our Memory Quiz

It has happened to all of us — we forget where we put our car keys, we are talking and forget what we are saying mid-sentence or we see someone we know, but can’t for the life of it remember his or her name. We joke and say “oh.. just a sign of old age.” […]