February 2015 - Wesley Glen Retirement Community

Bones and Balance

Falls are a common reason for trips to the emergency room and for hospital stays among older adults. Many of these hospital visits are for fall-related fractures. You can help prevent fractures by maintaining the strength of your bones. Having healthy bones won’t prevent a fall, but if you fall, having healthy bones can prevent […]

Healthy Vision

Have you ever tried looking at the back of your bank card or credit card to get the phone number for customer service and no matter how many different ways you hold the card you’re still unable to make out the phone number? Well you are not alone. This happens to all of us as […]

Hearing Health

Do you remember the commercial from a few years ago where a man moved around from place to place with a cell phone in hand repeating, “Can you hear me now” over and over?  That wireless company received a lot of mileage from that commercial.  It is a good reminder for all of us to […]