January 2015 - Wesley Glen Retirement Community

Healthy Diet, Healthy Life

Do you remember when a tall, thick ice cream sundae and apple pie was the perfect treat during the middle of the day?  That sounds good, but let’s face it, like everything else, our diet changes as we age. Eating well is vital for everyone of all ages.  Whatever your age, your daily food choices […]

Get up, Get out, Get Social

There are a number of life transitions that can have a impact on how we socialize such as, changes in health and mobility, changes in work status and income, and changes in living arrangements are just a few examples. Transportation is also often an issue when driving is no longer an option.  Does this mean […]

Keeping Your Brain in Shape

We all have those moments when we forget where we put our keys, why we walked into a room, and discover when we are at the supermarket that we’ve left the shopping list at home.  Everyone forgets things occasionally. Still, memory loss is nothing to take lightly. A strong memory depends on the health and […]

Tax Tips for Seniors 55 and Older

The tax season is upon us again, and like every other year my husband and I will gather the necessary paperwork and schedule an appointment with our favorite tax professional Ms. Harriet.  For us, the process hasn’t changed much over the years.  We can usually expect our W2s from our employers in the mail by […]