October 2014 - Wesley Glen Retirement Community


Deciding whether a loved one is ready for hospice is never an easy choice. For many when we hear the word hospice we associate it with losing someone  dear to us, making the decision to involve hospice that much harder.  Hospice is not about death; it is about the enhancement of life a person has […]

Knowing the Stages of Grief

Grief, the 5 letter word that weighs a ton. Dealing with grief varies from person to person.  What most of us don’t realize is there are different stages of grief and knowing the stages can help you and your family deal better through the process after losing a loved one.  Often people say that time […]

Deciding Where to Spend the Holidays

For me, where I spend the holidays is easy–it’s at home.  My daughter, her husband and my three grandsons come to my house for every holiday.  The other grandparents host either breakfast or lunch, so dinner is always at my house.  I’ve always stressed to my daughter the importance of my grandchildren spending time with […]

Keeping In Touch With Your Grandchildren

In a world of social media, the idea of your grandchildren picking up the telephone to give you a call these days is not very likely.  If you are not on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine or any one of the many social media networks out there, conversations with your grandchildren may be far and few. […]

Taste of Ridge

The Guild at Wesley Ridge hosted its first-ever “Taste of Ridge” this past Tuesday night at the Wesley Ridge Retirement Community.  Nearly 100 guests enjoyed food from Cimi’s Bistro at Pinnacle; Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar; Culver’s; The Sunset Grille & Sports Bar; Edible Arrangements; Uno Pizzeria & Grill; Tom + Chee; Starbucks; and […]

Locating Old Friends

Have you ever wondered what happened to Shelly from elementary school or Billy from high school who was voted most likely to succeed?  Did you ever wonder how successful Billy ended up being in his life? Over the years I have been lucky enough to stay in touch with the majority of my friends from […]

Creating Your Bucket List

Creating a bucket list has never been at the top of my to-do list, but as I have gotten older, I realized there were tons of things I had never experienced or conquered. Thinking about this list left me feeling like I missed out on some experiences life has to offer. So, I decided it […]