August 2014 - Wesley Glen Retirement Community

Ways You Can Help a Sick Friend

We all want to lend a hand when a friend or family member is ill and unable to tend to their daily needs without assistance.  The usual question for me is what can I do to help out without getting in the way?  If the person has been living independently prior to their illness, they […]

The Baby Boomer Caregiver Shortage

My name is Marlana and I am a Baby Boomer born in 1962. While worrying about work, home, and caring for my 72 year old father and my 94 year old grandmother, I’m at told that  I need to worry about who will one day care for me in my later years. For those of […]

Staying Healthy as We Age

It is a fact that our immune systems will change and become weaker as we age. The thymus gland which produces T Lymphocytes , are responsible for identifying cells to fight off foreign invaders in our bodies.  These cells are located within your blood which resides in your organs to fight off illness and infections.  […]

Are You Spoiling Your Grandchildren?

You can spend quality time with your grandchildren AND spend wisely with your wallet while  you are having fun! Summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors and visit amusement parks, zoo’s, waterparks and concerts, but they can be costly to your bank account. Tickets can range anywhere from $25-$40 dollars for a single […]

Enjoy What Columbus Has to Offer

Whether you like the outdoors or prefer staying inside, Columbus has a lot to offer! After looking into a few things, I found places that  I didn’t realize existed here in Columbus. They not only sound fun but in some instances are free to enjoy. If you enjoy museums, plan a visit to The Columbus […]