July 2014 - Wesley Glen Retirement Community

National Senior Citizens Day

August  21st is National Senior Citizens Day,  and this day was created as a day to support, honor and show appreciation to our seniors and to recognize their achievements and the contributions they make to our communities. On August 19, 1988, President Ronald Reagan signed Proclamation 5847 declaring August 21 as National Senior Citizens Day.  […]

My Hospice Story

For years I wondered how one knew when it was time to call Hospice for a loved one. And on Monday, May 29th, 2000 while honoring my grandfather with flowers for memorial day I received a call that scared, confused and left me at a loss for words.  On the other end of the phone […]

Scams Targeting our Parents

Did you know that older Americans are targeted more frequently than any other age group?  Generally speaking, older people are more trusting and have the potential of significant money sitting in their bank accounts. Financial scams aimed at seniors have become so prevalent that they are now considered, ‘The Crime of the 21st Century’.  Financial […]