The Wesley Glen Guild | Wesley Glen Retirement Community

If you are interested in volunteering contact;

Wesley Glen Volunteer Opportunities
Julia Roche
614-888-7492 x4713

Hospice Volunteer Opportunities
Dana Nastase

How the Guild Began and Its Purpose


In July of 1970, the Executive Committee of the Wesley Glen Trustees authorized the formation of an auxiliary, now known as the Wesley Glen Guild.

Purpose of the Guild

To assist in raising funds to benefit Wesley Glen Retirement Community
The Guild hosts fundraising events throughout the year to provide contributions to charitable giving, to fulfill a wish list for the facility and other ways decided upon by the Executive Committee of the Guild.

To provide volunteer services for Wesley Glen and its residents

There are many volunteer opportunities available to Guild Members to benefit the Wesley Glen community.

Guild members serve as messengers telling the story of Wesley Glen

Members are encouraged to spread the good news of Wesley Glen to family, friends, and community.


Membership in the Guild is open to everyone, including residents, family members, staff, groups and the community.

Those who are interested in becoming a member of the Guild can contact Lina Bozzelli at