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Volunteer at Wesley Glen!

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    By signing this volunteer application, I agree and acknowledge that

    (1) my volunteer services are donated to The Wesley Communities without contemplation of compensation or future employment and are given purely for charitable reasons,

    (2) to be considered for a volunteer placement, I must commit to a minimum of three months and six hours of services,

    (3)I am consenting to a background check/fingerprinting and all other health assessment or screening activities required by applicable law or The Wesley Communities policies,

    (4) The Wesley Communities is not obligated to provide a volunteer placement, nor am I obligated to accept any volunteer placement that is offered,

    (5) volunteers may not spend The Wesley Communities money or that of a resident, and

    (6) opportunities for volunteers are provided without regard to race, color, genetic information, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, ancestry, national origin, veteran status, military status, pregnancy, disability, marital status, or family status.

    Furthermore, I release The Wesley Communities from any claim or liability or any injury or illness arising from my participation in any volunteer activity, and understand that The Wesley Communities is not responsible for any related charges from any facility.

    Lastly, I agree and understand that the only way to recieve paid employment is to apply through the human resources office.

    I have entered true and valid information and agree to the above terms.

    You will be notified within one to three weeks after your application has been processed.
    We welcome your interest!