Board of Trustees | Wesley Glen Retirement Community

Board of Trustees

The Trustees of The Wesley Communities and its affiliates are unpaid volunteers who contribute their time and energy in the governance and oversight of The Wesley Communites' service to older adults. The residents and staff are grateful for the unselfish generosity of these individuals, some of whom have provided guidance and direction since 1960.

Board of Trustees of The Wesley Communities:

Anne H. Brown
Thomas M. Brown
Celia Conlon
Karen Cook
Lance J. DeBenedictis
H. Eugene Folden, Jr., Ph.D.
Chris Godley
Jan Hills
Jon Hoffman
Robert A. Holm
John W. Hoppers
Dione Joseph
Diana Keefer
Susan Kyser
Kassem K. Matt
Mark J. Palmer
Nancy Rummel
Mary Ann Short
R. Thomas Slack
Mark E. Storer
John Whitaker
L. Cean Wilson



Thomas McEldowney, M.D.